What Do You Get?

Every recurring order will automatically receive 10% off. More coffee for less money. Now that's a win-win!

Get free shipping on your very first recurring order. Afterwards, exceed the free shipping threshold after discount to continue getting free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscribe to Save works by setting up a new recurring order:

  1. Log in to your account if you haven't already
  2. Add products to your cart. Some limitations apply; see Terms and Conditions section below
  3. Go to your Shopping Cart and look for the Recurring Orders section
  4. In the Recurring Orders section, select Yes... from the dropdown to enable the contents of the cart as part of the recurring order
  5. A second dropdown will show. Select the weekly interval that you want the order to reoccur
  6. A 10% discount will be applied to your total, which reaffirms the recurring order
  7. Checkout with your preferred payment method (you need a PayPal account if you're using PayPal). Your credit card info will be saved for future recurring orders

You're all set! Your next recurring order will reprocess itself automatically based on the weekly interval that you set. So if you set it five weeks from today, it'll reprocess itself 35 days (five weeks) from today. Each of your future recurring orders will continue to receive a 10% discount.

Animation of recurring order setup

You can edit your Recurring Order after it's been placed such as swapping out your products, editing your billing and shipping addresses, or changing the weekly interval:

  1. Log in to your account if you haven't already
  2. In your Account Dashboard side menu, click on My Recurring Orders
  3. Select the Recurring Order number that you want to edit from the list
  4. Within the Recurring Order Management page, there are three tab menus: Preview, Edit Products, and Details. Make your edits within the Edit Products and Details sections
    Preview: details what is in your recurring order such as its status, frequency, Billing and Shipping Info, Credit Card Info, Product Info, and Order Info
    Edit Products: add and/or delete products in your recurring order
    Details: edit the Billing and Shipping Addresses, update the credit card info, and/or set the status and weekly frequency
  5. Make sure that you save after you made your changes to prep them for a final save
  6. Once you're satisfied with all of your changes, click on the Save changes button to confirm
  7. Clicking on the Cancel changes button instead will reset the changes back to how it was before

That's it. If you changed the weekly interval, the recurring order will reprocess itself based on the new frequency from the day that you modified it. Placing the recurring order into an Inactive status will stop it, and all future orders will not reprocess.

Recurring order account management


• Certain items are not eligible for recurring orders. These items mainly pertain to seasonal and Accessories. If you're not given the option to enable the recurring order in your cart, then that means one or more items are ineligible.
• Discount is not applicable for non-regular customers such as wholesale, office, and employee customers.
• Coupons are not allowed and will be voided if used in a recurring order.
• Reward points are not allowed and will be voided if used in a recurring order.
• Gift cards are not allowed and will be voided if used in a recurring order.


• Free shipping is only offered when the recurring order exceeds the free shipping threshold after discount
• Free shipping and the free shipping threshold are not applicable to the non-contiguous US states (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US territories).

All terms, conditions, and functionalities for the Subscribe to Save program may change without notice.