San Francisco Blend - All Natural, 1 lb. Loose Leaf Tea

An incredibly delicious blend of Jasmine green and Ceylon black teas with a unique cinnamon and strawberry flavor. Delicious and refreshing hot or cold.
SKU: 7711
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Description This product sold as 1 pound loose tea in a sealed natural Kraft stand-up pouch.
SKU 7711
Roast Level No
Bag Weight 1 lb
Brands East India Tea
Variety No
OneCup Count No
Price $15.99



This product sold as 1 pound loose tea in a sealed natural Kraft stand-up pouch.


Customer Reviews (3)

Second Only to Irish Breakfast TeaReview by Sir George Gripey
An aromatic blend of teas as pleasing in scent as fine flavored pipe tobacco without the bite. Well-steeped, flavors from almost every tea push through. It's as if this tea was made from clippings off the cutting room floor and as we all know, some of the best tasting blends have their roots there. I've served this tea to people who hate tea, to tea fanatics with the same result. They just love it. A uniquely adorable tea with plenty of flavor and kick. You're gonna love it. (Posted on 4/18/2017)
Customer ReviewReview by Kelly Hiatt
This is my favorite tea of all time. I probably drink 4 cups a day. It is a great compliment to chocolate. If you like a strong tea that is a little fruity and a little spicy this is a perfect tea for you. (Posted on 5/4/2016)
Customer ReviewReview by Stacy
What a tea! I've never tasted anything quite like it. It smells better than any tea I've ever smelled--like cinnamon and strawberries with a hint of jasmine. The aroma brings to mind a fantastic-smelling potpourri. However, the smell differs from the taste. No single flavor dominates. For me, the flavor is a mix of jasmine tea, black tea, and strawberry, but each flavor is very subtle. Sugar enhances the flowery and fruity qualities. For some reason, the cinnamon smell doesn't come through in the flavor, so it's not spicy at all, though you can smell the cinnamon/strawberry as you drink it. Bottom line: It's delicious and perhaps the best tea I've ever had. It's strong and flavorful and much more elegant than fruity boxed teas from supermarkets, which often have a sour taste that pulls out the fruity flavor. This tea is not sour at all. It will get bitter if you overbrew it, in the same way a jasmine tea gets bitter, but it will not taste sour. If you like flowery jasmine teas, this tea is a delightful way to change things up. (Posted on 5/11/2015)

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