Rainforest Blend Coffee - Organic, 80 ct. OneCup

Our certified 100% organic, Rainforest Blend is an artful mix of coffees from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Indonesia that produces a smooth, yet full-bodied taste with lively citrus notes. Perfect when paired with torts and ganache.
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Description This single-serve coffee is compatible with many popular K-Cup® brewing systems. "Keurig"® and "K-Cup"® are registered trademarks of Keurig Incorporated. Rogers Family Company is neither affiliated with, nor approved by, Keurig Incorporated.
SKU 46020
Roast Level Regular
Bag Weight No
Brands San Francisco Bay
Variety Organic
OneCup Count 80 ct
Price $29.99



This single-serve coffee is compatible with many popular K-Cup® brewing systems. "Keurig"® and "K-Cup"® are registered trademarks of Keurig Incorporated. Rogers Family Company is neither affiliated with, nor approved by, Keurig Incorporated.


Customer Reviews (506)

Favorite Review by Charles
Rainforest is my favorite SF Bay coffee. Strong but still smooth. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/27/2018)
Excellent Coffee and packagingReview by Daniel
The Rainforest Blend can’t be matched by any competitor in my opinion. The taste and smoothness of this coffee are outstanding! I also really like the full color boxes in which this coffee is shipped!.....It really arouses the curiosity of visitors we frequently have in our home. (Posted on 3/22/2018)
Fabulous!Review by Diana
Rich, full-bodied flavor. Aroma is heavenly both when you open the bag and when the coffee is brewing. Best of all, no stomach or bladder irritation or upset. Only problem is I can't decide between Rainforest Blend or Fog Chaser. Both are wonderful. Buy it, you won't be sorry. (Posted on 3/13/2018)
Still one of our favoritesReview by Bob
We have been enjoying SFB coffees for many years and find most of the varieties fabulous. Best in the world, really! The Rainforest Blend had always been our favorite in a toss-up with Fog Chaser for the everyday cup. Last year, the company announced that they had switched (I think...) to a more ecologically friendly material and that you might experience a bit of (tasty) sediment in the bottom of the cup. Both my wife and I agree that after that change, the toss-up went over to Fog Chaser. Seems the boldness of Rainforest Blend went down slightly in our unscientific taste tests. Still yummy. (Posted on 2/10/2018)
Best Coffee EverReview by Kathleen
I have been drinking this coffee for years and there is not one person whom I have served it to that hasn't asked what kind of coffee is it! Everyone loves it and I just keep telling everyone that asks about this coffee. I have even given it to people as a gift and it is one of things that they love the best that I could give to them. It is smooth and never bitter. (Posted on 1/26/2018)
My coffeeReview by Wendy
I have two favs from you, one is Fog Chaser the other my very favorite is Rainforest. I love the organic nature of the coffee and the pods. I have an airtight container I keep them in when I open a bag. These coffees are so fresh. I used to get these for a couple years from Amazon but they informed me no more subscribe and save on this flavor. I am glad to order from you. (Posted on 1/25/2018)
Favorite BrewReview by Dawn
Been drinking this for a few years, along with Fog Chaser, Gorilla Decaf, and Breakfast Blend. Love the packaging. As I open a packet of pods, I put them in a ziplock bag to keep those ten fresh. I really love the individually packaged pods, but usually buy this packaging for cost savings. (Posted on 1/24/2018)
Love itReview by Karen
I love the full body of this and I like that it's organic! (Posted on 1/21/2018)
Great well balanced coffee.Review by Wendy
I've been getting this coffee auto delivered for years. Love that it's Organic!! Love that it's strong, but not too strong, smooth, no bitter taste. Pods have less plastic waste than the typical K-cups, yet fits in the typical K-cup machine, and now the 10 count bags are compostable. (Posted on 1/13/2018)
Perfect for workReview by anne
I bought these for work since they only use a Kuerig machine. Looks like I'm going to have to buy it for home too. This is my new favorite! (Posted on 1/7/2018)
Unfortunate...Review by Elizabeth
I thought I would love this one, but it was just to acidic for my taste. I've been a customer for years and this is the only one I wasn't pleased with. It's all good; I still have my Fog Chaser! (Posted on 1/6/2018)
Smooth and lightReview by Bill
A nice light smooth way to start your morning. My first cup is always Rainforest before moving on to Fog Chaser. (Posted on 12/27/2017)
Great tasting coffeeReview by Joe
A very rich coffee with a wonderful aroma and awesome taste. However my all time favorite is still Fog Chaser. I love that coffee first thing in the morning! (Posted on 12/20/2017)
Great coffeeReview by Peggy
I have enjoyed all the coffee that I've ordered from you, but this is my all time favorite! (Posted on 12/19/2017)
Good, Environmentally Safe, Economical Coffee...Review by Douglas
I buy this for the bride. She seems to like it. No backflips in the morning but, she doesn't toss it either! I buy it because of the environmentally responsible packaging and the great price. If the wife didn't like it we'd be back to me disassembling regular K-Cups to recycle the plastic. Not fun but better than just tossing them in the landfill. When my existing stash of coffee is done I will be checking into getting some flavored OneCups for myself. Did have one issue with the last order as single box orders come as they are. Box arrived looking like it had been kicked from SF to Florida! Packages inside were still sealed so no problem there. Dealt with Favi Ruiz in Customer Service and she was great! She gets my nod for employee of the month. Oh heck, make it Employee of the Quarter! (Posted on 12/18/2017)
Surprise! Surprise!Review by Noel
After my first cup, it became one of my favorites. It's hard to explain but the taste is unique and pleasing at any time of the day. (Posted on 12/15/2017)
My favReview by Nancy
This is my favorite perfect coffee every time. But I must add that I haven’t had a coffee from your company that wasn’t wonderful! (Posted on 12/9/2017)
My Favorite for many years!Review by MARILYN
Before the environmentally friendly OneCups came out, I ground my own beans from these same beans. I have tried others of the Roger's coffees but always come back to Rainforest Blend. It is smooth, delicious, and Organic, the best ever! (Posted on 12/7/2017)
GREATReview by Rene
Simply put, great coffee and best service. (Posted on 12/6/2017)
GreatReview by Kathy
Great coffee. (Posted on 12/3/2017)

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