Low Acid Coffee

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You Love Coffee But Not the Acid!

We understand. Digestive problems from acid can be a real life changer and we agree that the life change should not include a "no coffee" rule.

All Coffee Has Acid

It is just a part of the bean and it is even a good thing for the unique taste of coffee. The question then remains can you have a high quality coffee flavor with LESS acid? Yes you can.

The Good News

There are several things that will help in your search for a lower acid coffee. Some of these things include:

No Robusta Beans

Studies show that quality Arabica Beans naturally have less acid than robusta beans. This is not always an easy thing to find since many larger companies have been mixing in the cheaper robusta beans to save money.

Arabica vs. Robusta Beans

Arabica coffee beans are like the sweet and flavorful cousin of coffee that requires delicate care and constant attention. †They are grown at high altitudes at semitropical climates near the equator.†Arabica beans have a scent similar to that of fresh flowers and wild fruits (like blueberries). †Its end result:† a smooth and rich taste with hints of sweet overtones.

Robusta coffee beans are hardier, less-expensive, and much easier to grow. †They thrive in warm yet moist climates at lower elevations and less favorable soil conditions than Arabicas.† Thus, they tend to produce twice the yield of Arabicas†but they have more acid, a harsher taste and much more caffiene.

Rogers Coffee Uses ONLY Arabica Beans

We believe that there is no substitute for carefully grown quality beans and that is why our coffee is and will always be 100% Arabica coffee.

You can ALWAYS be sure that Rogers Family Coffee uses nothing but the highest quality Arabica Beans 100% of the time.

Choose a Darker Roast

Darker roasts tend to have less acidity and have been shown to have less acid that affects the digestive system.

We recommend choosing something from the darker side of our roast such as Espresso, French, or Italian Roast. Check out our Roasting levels here.

Heat in Coffee Brewing Releases Acid

One of the things that will really help with the level of acid is the method you use to brew your coffee. The heated Brewing process extracts much of the acid in coffee. Alternative brewing methods have been shown to reduce the acid in coffee by up to 70%.

The Cold Brew Method

An old method that is reported to have the lowest acid is the cold brew method. Not only will this result in a smooth result with low acid, it is also reported to stay fresh for up to a week when refrigerated. This could potentially save time as well.

Since you will be steeping the coffee for a long time, start with a coarse ground coffee if possible. Stir the grounds and cold water in a container such as a glass pitcher or glass mason jar. Allow the coffee to steep for about 12 hours at room temperature. This will produce a rich, smooth, low acid coffee blend. Strain the coffee ground from the coffee and pour into container, cup or glass. Heat coffee up and serve. This coffee will also make a nice ice coffee variety.

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