Roasted coffee bean

How Coffee Grows

Raw coffee beans

Germination of a coffee seed, which is also known as a bean, can take around 60 days

Germinating coffee plant

A seedling will typically grow in a nursery until about 8-10 inches tall

Afterwards, it's potted until it's ready to be planted. Its final destination awaits

Blooming coffee plant

It'll take about 2 - 4 years after being planted for the young coffee tree to start blooming

After a few days of pollination, the small white, very fragrant flowers will start to grow fruits

Tree producing coffee cherries

The fruits are small green berries that will eventually ripen into red cherries

The intense growth phase of the berries can consume 70% of the tree's nutrients, which halts the tree's own growth

Cross section of unripe coffee cherry

Each cherry contains a pair of seeds. The beans grow inside an area called the intergument. This will be consumed by the bean leaving only a silver skin final layer

Cross section of ripe coffee cherry

At around five weeks, the cherry will be nearly full size. A change of color will accompany its growth from green to yellow to red. Once red, it's harvest-ready

Tree producing ripe cherries

A tree isn't fully mature until about 7 years, but it can produce fruit around 3 - 5 years. It can grow as tall as 15', but farmers typically keep them at 6' tall for easier harvesting. After 8 years, the tree will produce full crops yielding one to twelve pounds annually

Extracting coffee beans from cherry

Once a cherry is harvested, we use a version of the wet milling process to separate the beans from the cherry while developing and extracting more flavors. Additional inspection, cleaning, and polish are done

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