How Does San Francisco Bay Coffee

Get Decaffeinated?

How Does San Francisco Bay Coffee Get Decaffeinated?

Coffee cup with coffee beans

Water Extraction Process


Green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to open the pores of the bean

Group of raw coffee beans
Raw coffee beans drop into water tank


The opened pores allow the oils, flavor, and caffeine to flush out of the bean and be taken to filtration

Magnifying onto pores of coffee
Icons of oils, flavor, and caffeine


Carbon filters remove the caffeine. The flavor and oils are taken back to the soaked beans

Cutout of filtration system


Oils and flavor are reabsorbed and the beans are dried and polished to be ready for roasting

Absorption of oils and flavors into raw bean
Drying raw bean to lock flavor
Polish raw bean to prep for roast

San Francisco Bay Coffee exclusively roasts Arabica beans to provide the best tasting coffee. Our standard is to remove more than 98% of caffeine during the decaffeination process. No chemicals are used in this process at all.

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