Decaf French Roast Coffee, 3 lb. Bag

Notes: Smoky, Sweet, Chocolate Finish

Roast: Dark

* Decaffeinated using the Water Process

Discontinuing 3lb size, purchase while supplies last!

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Description Click here to learn about our roasting process.
SKU 56713
Roast Level French
Bag Weight 3 lbs
Brands San Francisco Bay
Variety Decaf
OneCup Count No
Price $21.99



Click here to learn about our roasting process.


Customer Reviews (83)

ExcellentReview by Joel
Great coffee and a very competitive price. (Posted on 3/13/2017)
Great full bodied decafReview by Ron
My wife and I drink this decaf and a lot of it, since we both work at home and there's always a pot brewing. It has a great rich flavor, and SF Bay/Rogers always gives consistent service on my orders and resolves any issues quickly and completely. (Posted on 3/11/2017)
Still BEST DECAFReview by Shell in San Diego
I LOVE Coffee! BUT, had to switch to decaf after a coffee laden trip to Europe (too much withdrawl upon return. I shopped and shopped and tasted every decaf out there- ALL too weak and mild! THEN I found this SF Bay French Roast Decaf= ironically the regular is my favorite coffee- so figured i'd try it, not expecting much and WOW! BEST EVER! GET IT! (Posted on 2/25/2017)
Really Good DecafReview by Craig
This is a delicious decaf. My wife and I can no longer handle full caffeine coffee so we mix this decaf with the non decaf. Yum! (Posted on 2/16/2017)
Perfection!Review by Kathy
This decaf is the best! They will grind it for me so I don't feel like I need a bath after grinding at the "big box" store and delivered to my door. (Posted on 2/12/2017)
A Great ValueReview by Eileen
We now have this bag (whole bean), a great value, on recurring order. We use this in combination with the regular French Roast coffee to make a blend, so we can drink more :) We rarely make all decaf, so hard to review just the decaf by itself. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Best French Roast EVERReview by L
I tried this coffee about 4 years ago, and now I'm a coffee snob...won't drink anything else. Starbucks has nothing on this coffee! (Posted on 2/5/2017)
Tasty DecafReview by Vita
Wonderful, full-bodied decaf coffe - dark roast. Flavorful and the beans are oily when I open up the package. I think they roast the beans right before they ship them. At least I know the coffee hasn't been sitting around. As close to flavor as their regular French Roast coffee you will get! (Posted on 2/2/2017)
French Roast Decaf Review by Rachel
I bought my sister French Roast decaf whole bean (3 lb bag) San Francisco Bay coffee as a gift, and she thought it was fabulous! I think I got her hooked :-) (Posted on 1/27/2017)
Delicious! Buy it regularlyReview by Carolyn
This is the best Decaf French Roast I have ever tasted! I love coffee and this one is strong and flavorful. Love it! (Posted on 1/25/2017)
Very pleased with product and serviceReview by Jack
We had to find a suitable decaf coffee to drink. And we wanted whole beans and a good dark roast. Not easy; a lot of mediocre or worse decaf coffees out there. We happened upon this decaf French Roast bean and really like it a lot. As good as most regular French Roasts we drank before the switch to decaf. And the on-line ordering and quick shipping were great. Definitely a great find. Thanks. (Posted on 1/2/2017)
Regular caffeinated vs SF Bay decafReview by Bev
I look forward to my first cup of coffee in the morning since I switched to SF Bay decaf. It is a full bodied coffee with a great flavor! (Posted on 12/19/2016)
Best Decaf aroundReview by Michele
The French Roast coffee was so good that we had to try the decaf version and we were not disappointed. This coffee is delicious by itself or added to regular French Roast if you want less caffeine. It is strong, rich, full bodied and doesn't taste burnt like Starbucks! (Posted on 12/17/2016)
BEST DECAF!Review by Michelle
The SFB French Roast Decaf is the best decaf I've ever had, other than in Italy. I've tried other brands and dark roasts but this one is bold and rich and dark without being bitter. It's a good price in the 3lb bag, although I wish they'd carry it at Costco like they do the regular SFB French Roast. I have to say, no one can tell it's decaf- except no afternoon jitters after enjoying multiple cups in the morning. DEFINITELY the one for coffee drinkers who choose to cut out caffeine! (Posted on 12/16/2016)
Rich coffeeReview by Barbara
We always buy the French Roast and then add another coffee...flavored.
The French Roast is dark and rich. My husband's favorite! (Posted on 12/12/2016)
Good Coffee, good coffee!Review by Craig
As I get older, I can handle caffein less and less. We mix this with our regular (caffeinated) French Roast. The result is really good tasting cup of coffee. (Posted on 12/6/2016)
Consistently goodReview by Carol
This is a rich and satisfying cup of decaf! It never fails to satisfy my desire for a good coffee experience. (Posted on 11/29/2016)
Decaf French RoastReview by Allan
Excellent coffee, great taste and the price is very affordable. (Posted on 11/28/2016)
From Regular to DecafReview by Bev
For health reasons I switched from regular French Roast to Decaf French Roast. Was prepared for a tasteless cup of coffee. To my surprise....the decaf had a robust intense flavor. I don't miss the regular coffee at all! (Posted on 11/23/2016)
Buy this regularlyReview by Bonita
This is my go-to coffee for making cold brew. I drink a mug of iced coffee everyday, & this is the best I've found. I look forward to my afternoon treat with this brew! (Posted on 11/19/2016)

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