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Kosher Coffee - Cafe Jerusalem Star-K Certified Kosher Coffee

Certified Kosher For Passover Coffee

Star k Kosher Certified Coffee

Star K certified Kosher

For religiously observant Jewish people, keeping Kosher food and drink laws is very important. So over the years, we've had many inquiries about whether our coffee is Kosher. All of our coffee (all brands and wholesale included) is certified Kosher by a local San Francisco area rabbi from theOrthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco, (See their ORC certificate below).

A brand dedicated to Kosher coffee

However, we took Kosher coffee a step further with our Cafe Jerusalem,Star-K certified Kosher coffee- and offered an entirely Kosher brand certified by a more nationally-recognized, certification organization. Our straight and decaf coffees under the Organic Coffee Company brand are Star-K certified Kosher coffee as well.

Is coffee naturally Kosher?

Yes and No. Coffee beans are inherently Kosher because water is the only substance the beans come into contact with during harvesting, processing, and roasting process. However it is when flavoring, decaffeination, and drinking coffee in a coffee shop come into play, that Kosher issues arise.

Flavored Kosher coffee

For flavored coffees, flavorings (both natural and sometimes artificial) are added after roasting. Due to the sheer number of types of flavoring, the chances of a non-Kosher flavoring or process are higher, so this is an area of close inspection by the rabbis.

Decaffeinated Kosher Coffee

Decaffeination is another area of Kosher concern. There are a variety of techniques for decaffeination, but they boil down to two processes: thenatural water-based process that we usewhich uses activated carbon to filter the caffeine or a chemical solvent method which dissolves the caffeine with ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate is created with grain, so it is not Kosher for Passover. Since the Rogers Family Co. uses only the water method, for our decaf coffee, all of our decaf coffee is kosher on Passover.

Adding cream and sugar to Kosher coffee

Lastly, the manner in which milk and sugar are added, and the location of the purchase of brewed coffee have Kosher implications. If you are trying to keep Kosher, then it’s best to buy Kosher certified coffee and brew and drink it at home with your own milk and sugar added to taste. But if you’re out and about, it’s best to order plain black coffee in a paper cup.

However, true coffee connoisseurs know that coffee should be good enough that you do not need to add milk and sugar anyway! Give that a try with your Caf Jerusalem coffee, and you’ll experience a whole new realm of flavors arising from the quality of our green coffee and the skill of our masters coffee roasters.

Kosher For Passover Coffee

Cafe Jerusalem

Our very unique and beautiful line of 100% star-K certified kosher coffee. We roast our gourmet kosher coffee beans to their full flavor like it used to be in the old city, and all of our kosher coffee beans are certified by Star-K, an international leader in the world of Kosher supervision.
Kosher For Passover Coffee

Kosher Coffee

We offer four unique kosher coffee blends including Lion's Gate (dark roasted), King David's Espresso (perfect for espresso or Turkish coffee), Breakfast Blend (a smooth and mild favorite), and Galilee Decaf (water processed decaf kosher coffee).

Organic and Kosher

Our "Organic Coffee Co." brand is pure, organic coffee bliss.We offer 100% certified, organic coffee beans, organic decaf coffee, and organic flavored coffees. As with all Rogers Family Company coffees, our coffee tastes so good because we go directly to the source.
Kosher For Passover Coffee Certification

Star K Kosher Certification

Our Kosher For Passover Coffee is certified Star K Kosher by a local San Francisco area rabbi from theOrthodox Rabbinical Council of San Francisco, Please click on the image above to view our certification.


I am so glad to find the "San Fransisco Cinnamon Orange TN Spice Instant Tea" again. Years ago, my mother used to buy it in Pepin, Minnesota. After I got married and left Minnesota, she would send it to me regularly. After a while, we were no longer able to find it anywhere. Thank goodness for the Internet! (and a label I had saved). After nearly a decade, I am finally able to purchase this tea again. I am so happy. I am going to send her some for Mother's Day. She will be delighted.
Better and fresher than Kurig K-cups. Richer flavor.
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The Rogers Family Company has been in business since 1979 and is one of the nation's few remaining family owned, gourmet coffee roasters. Jon and Barbara's four children play an integral role in the ongoing success of the business.