Rogers Family Organic Coffee Farms

organic coffee We Grow our Own Coffee!
We are proud to grow our own coffee on six, beautiful, bio-diverse, organic coffee farms. They are all 100% organic coffee farms: 3 in Panama and 3 in Mexico, with four new farm purchases planned. In total, we currently have about 900 hectares of land. About 600 is mixed shade grown coffee planting and about 300 preserved native forests.

Interestingly, the fact that we are growing our own coffee on biodiverse shade coffee farms makes us a carbon negative company (per an audit we had of our carbon footprint in 2007). So if you've been shopping locally to avoid carbon emissions, you can feel good knowing your Rogers coffee is actually improving carbon conditions in the atmosphere. Click here to read more about our negative carbon footprint.

Finca Santa Barbara - Our 1st Farm in Panama
In 1999, we made a commitment to our longstanding philosophy blending sustainable coffee cultivation and social responsibility. In the Boquete region of Panama, we purchased 105 acres of property that was used to graze cattle for the past 80 years and renamed it Finca Santa Barbara (after Rogers Family Company, co-founder, Barbara Rogers.)

Although we faced a landscape stripped bare of almost all plants, we refurbished the soil (using rich compost created via vermiculture (worm composting), planted 82,200 coffee trees, became a certified organic farm, and produced our first harvest in 2003.

We also reforested at least five hectares of the property with native trees that once flourished before the cattle arrived almost a century ago. Together with our farm's small area of surviving old growth forest, these new trees add up to 25 acres of original habitat to be preserved forever in a natural state. Interestingly, the local village of Jaramillo reported to us that their supply of clean spring water reemerged where previously it was dried up.

Our Coffee Farms in Panama

Finca Santa Barbara:  [Shown to the right.]  This was the first proof to us that a parcel reclaimed from barren fields can be made over into its original rainforest, grow great quality trees, and yield a superb coffee. Indeed, now many government and agricultural education groups are touring the farm to learn more about how, according to the World Bank, "When grown properly, coffee is one of the rare human industries that can actually restore the Earthís health."

Finca Las Brujas:  Meaning, "The Witches," the "Las Brujas" farm is fifteen hectares of certified organic coffee, three hectares of organic tea, and two hectares of experimental products such as exotic spices for our tea products.

Finca Santa Maria:  Finca Santa Maria is a large 300 acre farm, and we are in the process of making improvement throughout the farm from both an agricultural as well as social/economic development standpoint. It's in the Boquete region of Panama.

Our Coffee Farms in Mexico

Rancho Quilco:  We purchased this 150 hectare farm, located in Chiapas Mexico, recently and have converted it to organic. It's in an area called "Sinai," where we also built a school in partnership with Costco in Mexico through our innovative Community Aid program. This is the farm where we'll be planting the first trees in our 100-Year Tree Planting" Program.

Rancho La Paz:  This is a 400 acre farm in the beautiful area of Chiapas that's converting to organic certification.

Finca Peru Paris:  This is a 500 acre certified organic farm - also in Chiapas.