Keeping Coffee Fresh

Coffee like all food items has an expiration. To prolong the quality of its taste and aroma, we recommend several easy tips to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.

Fresh from the Roast

Our special vacuum package with a one-way valve is by far the best way to keep coffee fresh. It yields better results than any other packaging method including nitrogen flushes.

Coffee is Perishable

The lifespan of a newly opened bag of coffee is about the same as a fresh loaf of bread. If left exposed to air, coffee will become stale after only a few days. Unopened bags will actually keep for about a year.

Freezer Burn is Bad

Refrigerating or freezing coffee beans (ground or whole) does not extend its shelf life. In fact, it might actually result in freezer-burn.

Keep it Air-Tight

Once you open the package, air will start to diminish the freshness of the coffee beans. We recommend using a clip to keep the package sealed tight or pour the beans into an airtight container.

Set It and Forget It

Your sealed coffee beans should be kept inside a reasonably cool and dark cupboard. Heat and light can slowly degrade its freshness.

Storing Brewed Coffee

Serve brewed coffee within 30 minutes, or store it in a thermal or insulated carafe. It can stay fresh and tasty in this kind of container for around 45-60 minutes. We do not recommend reheating brewed coffee due to loss of flavor.