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How to Store Coffee

Keeping Coffee Fresh

how to store coffee

How to store coffee at home

Unopened bags will keep for about one year. Once the bag's seal has been broken, flavor loss starts.  Once you open the bag, you should keep your coffee inside a reasonably cool, dark cupboard closed with a bag clip. Or pour it into an airtight container. Refrigerating or freezing opened (or unopened) coffee does not extend its shelf life. In fact, it might actually result in freezer-burn of the beans.

Coffee is perishable

The lifespan of a newly opened bag of coffee is about the same as a fresh loaf of bread.  If left exposed to air, coffee will become stale after only a few days.  This is particularly true of ground coffee since so much more of a ground-up bean's surface area is exposed to flavor-robbing air.

Expanding gasses

Ideally, coffee should be removed from an oxygen environment immediately after roasting. But there is a problem:   fresh-roasted coffee lets off a delicious smelling gas for several days after roasting, but this "gassing off" is powerful enough to burst any package containing the coffee.

It's all in the packaging

Historically, roasters would let the coffee "gas off" for several days, or would poke holes in the packages to prevent the bags from exploding.  Both of these practices allowed coffee to start going stale.

Our fresh-roasted, coffee beans go straight from the roaster into a vacuum packaging and/or a nitrogen-flushing machine.  This removes the oxygen from the freshly roasted beans. On the front of these bags is a built-in, special one-way valve. As the coffee emits gasses, they escape through this valve but no air can get back into the package.  This keeps the coffee absolutely fresh until the bag is opened.



Rogers Coffee is fresh when you get it

Our vacuum packing and oneway valve process is by far the best way to keep coffee fresh and yields better results than any other packaging method, including nitrogen flushes.  However, in order to use a valved bag to its greatest potential, it is necessary to practice strict oversight.  While some roasters let freshly roasted coffee sit around in bins before packaging, as soon as roasted coffee is cool enough, we immediately fill and seal valved bags.  We're proud to have designed and developed several kinds of vacuum/valve bags.

Serve coffee fresh and hot

Serve brewed coffee within 30 minutes or store it in a "thermal" or insulated carafe. Coffee will remain fresh and tasty in this kind of container for 45 – 60 minutes. Coffee that has been left exposed to air or left on a hot burner deteriorates rapidly. There is no purpose in re-pouring or re-perking brewed coffee through spent grounds. Any desirable flavor elements have already been extracted. Only bitter oils remain. Re-heating brewed coffee - even in a microwave - breaks down coffee's many delicate components, leaving only a warm beverage with a poor flavor.

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We first tried your coffee about 6 years ago and it is the standard by which we judge other coffees! We have gotten our family, friends, and coworkers drinking your coffee and we always place a "group order". The flavor is amazing and it is so easy to get a perfect cup of coffee everytime. It is the only coffee that tastes as wonderful as it smells!
I used to buy SF Bay French Roast at BJ's until they discontinued it a few years ago and substituted a remarkably inferior house brand of French Roast. Bad move BJ's! I think they're using cheap Vietnamese beans or something, but it sure doesn't touch the Rogers' SF Bay brand by any stretch of the imagination or taste Thanks for maintaining a consistent level of excellence in your French Roast product, my favorite roast, while maintaining a value price for a coffee that absolutely smokes practically all of the "name" brands on the market. Cowabunga!
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The Rogers Family Company has been in business since 1979 and is one of the nation's few remaining family owned, gourmet coffee roasters. Jon and Barbara's four children play an integral role in the ongoing success of the business.